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Command-Line Parameters
« on: April 28, 2009, 10:20:09 AM »
These parameters can be passed to Rightload.exe, as of version 2.0:

--portable - run in portable mode
--autostart - queue supplied files (see below for details) and start the upload immediately
--queue - just queue supplied files (see below for details)
--background - if Rightload is running and the window is currently out of focus, stay out of focus

--server=ID - upload using this server, where ID is the number of the server if they are sorted alphabetically, starting from 1
--plugin=NAME - upload using this plugin, where NAME is the name of the DLL file without the extension
--directory=PATH - upload to this directory on the server

--autosort - enable autosort
--clipboard - add current clipboard to the queue
--custom-directory - display a message box asking for target directory
--mirror - enable path mirroring

These parameters are then followed by the names of the files that should be added to the queue as separate parameters, each enclosed in quotation marks.
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