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RightLoad 0.9 BETA
« on: March 31, 2007, 12:32:45 AM »
This is the beta for the latest version of RightLoad. I tested most of the basic functions, but there might still be some bugs. Use at your own risk. :)

Changelog for 0.9:
* New: Can rename new file instead of existing one
* New: Option to set thumbnail naming scheme
* New: Option to copy all links to clipboard when AutoClose is enabled
* New: Config file can now be saved in the AppData directory to improve security and allow multiple users to use different configurations
* Changed: New installer
* Changed: Options screen rewritten
* Changed: Improved memory usage
* Fixed: Server list editing issues
* Fixed: Various bugs and possible problems

Download RightLoad 0.9 Beta 1

About RightLoad
RightLoad is a small program that allows you to quickly upload files directly from a Windows folder to your server. Instead of using a complicated FTP client just to upload a few pictures, you just right-click on the files, select the server and target folder and RightLoad will do the rest for you. When all files have been uploaded, RightLoad will automatically generate a list of different links to the files, ready to be copied into your post or website.

* Uploads files or whole folders to any directory on your server with one click
* Automatically creates thumbnails for pictures
* Adds [url], [img], or tags to the links
* Auto-renames existing files and creates missing directories