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The Options
« on: March 28, 2008, 01:33:49 PM »
The options screen allows you to customize Rightload to better fit your needs and enable additional features. It is devided into the server management tab, the general options, thumbnails options and advanced options. The server management tab is explained in another thread.

General Options

These options allow you to set the default values and actions for several common parts of Rightload. For example, you can select which tag is added to the URLs by default and what happens when a file exists on the server.

ASCII Extensions
If you have set your transfer type to the recommended value of "Auto", all files with one of these extensions will be transferred in ASCII mode while all other files are transferred as binary files.

Master Password
The master passwort encrypts your servers' login information, so nobody can steal your logins, even with access to your config.xml. Setting this is especially recommended for shared computers.

Rightload is able to automatically check our website for updates, and notify you if there is a new version available. If you have privacy concerns about Rightload connecting to our website (even though only your version number is transmitted to us), you can disable this feature here.

If you enable the history, Rightload will keep a list of all files that you have uploaded. You can access the Upload History from the File menu, for example to retrieve the URLs of previously uploaded files or delete a file again.

Under this tab you can see all the plugins that are installed. You can install new plugins by copying the corresponding .dll and .xml files to the folder "plugins" in the Rightload installation directory (usually under Program Files).

To enable or disable a plugin, tick or untick the corresponding checkbox in the list.

Some plugins let you set certain options, for example usernames and passwords. If this is the case, a button labeled "Additional Plugin Options" will be displayed on the right, above the description.

Some plugins also cache certain settings, for example login tokens for services that require authentication. By emptying the cache with the button at the bottom right you can remove these settings again.


Image Dimensions
These options let you specify maximum dimensions for images that you upload. If an image it larger than this, it will be resized to fit the dimensions specified while maintaining the aspect ratio. Please note that you need to select "Enable Image Resizing" during the installation for this to work. If you didn't do so, just run the installer again and select the option.

Here you can set whether Rightload should ask you about creating thumbnails and how large the thumbnails should be at most. The actual size will depend on the original image's aspect ratio.

Thumbnails - Advanced
If you want your thumbnails to have a border or contain the dimensions of the original image, you can enable these features here. You can also define how high the quality (i.e. how large the file size) of the thumbnail should be.

Naming Scheme
Similar to URL masks, the thumbnail naming scheme lets you customize the file names of your thumbnails. There are two variables you can use here - $file and $ext. $file will be replaced by the filename (without extension), $ext will be replaced by the extension.
You can also select one of the two pre-defined schemes.

Advanced Options

Simple Context Menu
When this option is enabled, the option to upload to a custom directory will be hidden from the context menu. This means that for any servers for which there are no folders defined, there will only be one menu item in the context menu which will upload to the specified default directory, instead of a menu where you can choose the target folder. If you know you usually don't need to specify a custom directory, you can enable this option to save a click or two.

Manage SendTo Menu
This will open the special Windows folder with the shortcuts shown under "Send to" in the context menu. You can use this to delete or edit shortcuts generated by Rightload.

These options let you change the way Rightload behaves in different cases. For example, by enabling the option to minimize during uploads and the options to auto-close and copy all URLs to the clipboard, you can upload files without seeing Rightload at all.

This option should only be enabled if you experience problems and want to send us a log file. You can find the created log files by clicking "Help" -> "Open Temp Directory".

Configuration Dir
If you do not want to save your configuration files in the private application data directory (AppData), you can set an alternative directory here.
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